About the System

Allograft implants are placed into the lumbar facet joints to re-establish natural joint orientation and separate the joints to reduce inflammation. The Zenfuze Organic Fusion system has been designed to stabilize the spinal segment by limiting motion of the joints. Zenfuze still allows for micromotion, which creates an optimal environment for fusion.

Patient Testimonials

I’m thrilled with the outcome of the Zenfuze Procedure. I was able to permanently fix my back pain without having to put metal rods and screws in my spine.

Zenfuze Patient

Stephen L

Before the surgery, my lower back felt terrible just standing. Now, I am able to walk miles down the beach with my golden retriever without a second thought. I feel great! 

Zenfuze Patient

Sophia B

I felt immediate relief following the surgery and I am still pain free 15 months later. Hiking is my passion and I am able to do what I love again thanks to the Zenfuze Procedure.

Zenfuze Patient

Elizabeth R.